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We are dedicated to saving dogs from shelters across Southern California. We believe that with patience, understanding and dedicated training, every dog can find a perfect home.


Tell us exactly what you are looking for in a dog and we will find that for you in a southern California animal shelter.


Fill out a foster application to be the temporary home for a rescue dog while it looks for it’s forever human.


There are so many ways to volunteer! No amount of time given is too short. We love any support we can get.

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Frequently Asked

How can I contribute?

Donate any amount you can through our website. Or share our information to anyone who is interested in fostering or adopting a dog!

What shelters do you pull from?

We pull dogs from all high kill shelters around southern California. A lot of our dogs come from Devore Animal Shelter in San Bernardino and the Western Riverside Animal Shelter.

What is your mission?

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the lives of dogs in jeopardy at Southern California shelters.  Once rescued, our dogs receive veterinary care, rehabilitation and foster care until they are matched with their forever homes.

Want to get involved?

We’re always looking for new fosters. Please fill out this application to join our team!