Adoptable Dogs


4 year, male, 50 lbs, shepherd mix

vaccinated, neutered, potty trained, dog, cat & kid friendly

Wally is pure love. He was rescued by a family who no longer had time for him and moved, leaving him behind. He is great with all living beings. He has lived with a cat and is good with dogs. He loves going on walks and adventures but also loves to cuddle up. He is very timid and shy. He does not like being left alone but he doesn’t tear anything up – just gets very excited when people come back home.


1 year, female, 15 lbs, chihuahua mix

vaccinated, spayed, potty trained, dog & kid friendly

Autumn was saved from a dog hoarder’s house where she lived her whole life outside and had a litter of puppies when she was a puppy herself. Now, Autumn’s life has changed! She is still very shy and timid with new people, but once she gets close to you, all she wants to do is snuggle up and hang out. She LOVES other dogs. She’s good with kids. She is so gentle and precious. She does not like to be alone for long periods of time. Someone who works from home, or has another dog, or has other people in the house, would be great for her.


1 year, male, 53 lbs, pit bull mix

vaccinated, neutered,

We saved Milo from Downey shelter and he was a stray before that. He is so soft and cuddly – very loving with people. He is athletic (and young) so will need an active home. He’ll most likely thrive in a situation with a human/multiple humans who has/have a lot of free time/energy in the first several years. Maybe a young adventurous couple, or solo female. He loves to cuddle but isn’t a bed hog 🙂 He is unbothered by dogs, runner, bikers, etc. We will introduce him to dogs soon (he just got out of the shelter) and will update how he does once we know.


5 year, male, 38 lbs, retriever mix

vaccinated, neutered, dog friendly, kid friendly, potty trained

We saved Guapo off the euthanasia list at Riverside shelter. He is so sweet and just wants an adventure buddy. He is kid and dog friendly. He loves going on walks, adventures and playing but he also loves to cuddle up on the couch.


5 months, female, 45 lbs, pittie/rottie mix

vaccines in progress, dog friendly, kid friendly, cat friendly

Daisy is pure love and sweetness. She is gentle and curious. She is learning how to walk on a leash and go to the bathroom outside. Her and her sister were rescued from a hoarding case where they lived in a crate the first few months of their lives. They are learning everything very fast and will make amazing family dogs. They will be around 80-100 lbs when fully grown.


1 year old, female, 40 lbs, shepherd mix

vaccinated, spayed, kid friendly

Soleil was rescued from Riverside Shelter. She’s potty and crate trained, walks great on a leash and loves to cuddle. She is very athletic and needs to be mentally and physically stimulated everyday. She LOVES to run – she can run next to an electric scooter. She likes to hunt for squirrels too 🙂 Soleil is reactive to other dogs, especially on leash. She is working on being redirected on walks when she sees other dogs. With a proper introduction and some time, Soleil can be totally fine with some dogs. Adopting Soleil includes free consults with her trainer.


10 month old, male, mix, 35 lbs.

Neutered, vaccinated, kid, cat and dog friendly

Saved from Tijuana as a stray.

Morrison loves to play with other dogs and cuddle. He is so so sweet and loyal. He does well off leash, has amazing recall, and doesn’t jump on people. He is crate and potty trained. He has congenital kidney failure, which means he wants to drink lots of water and pees (outside) every 3 hours. For an adopter this means feeding Morrison a special diet and getting him a blood test every 3 months to make sure he is staying healthy.

Adoption fee $400 donation